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Working at Height

Working at Height is defined by a work performed where there is potential for a person to sustain injury by falling from one surface to another surface that is not at the same level. It includes, climbing on ladders, dismantling the scaffolding and working on the roof top.

According to DOSH Statistic, people Working at Height and Fall of a person recorded the highest workplace accident compared to others. Thus, it is essential for those in control of working at height to ensure that work is properly planned, employers are supervised and work is conducted by competent person with skills, knowledge and experience on job.

In fact, lots of people are not aware that workers Working at Height may face suspension trauma. Suspension trauma is the natural physiological response to the human body being held motionless in a vertical position for a period of time. This issue can contribute to death if the person is hanging for a long period of time without any action taken. As for that, immediate response and proper training is needed to prevent this case.

As a conclusion, working at height is a serious issue and you are advised to not crying over a spill milk. Do ensure that proper training and risk assessment is to be done before any working at height activities.


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