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Fire Protection System Inspection Training

What is Fire Protection System Inspection Training?

Fire Protection System Inspection Training is designed for organizations to understand fire prevention concepts and fire protection systems installed.

Fire Protection System Inspection Training

The training for Fire Protection System Inspection should include information on the:

▪ Topics on fire

▪ Legal requirement related to Fire Management in Malaysia

▪ Science of fire

▪ Fire problem at workplace

▪ Fundamental of Fire Prevention Management

▪ Introduction to Fire protection system

▪ Active system

▪ Passive system

IMPORTANCE of Fire Protection System Inspection Training

Fire protection system inspection training is crucial for ensuring the safety of occupants in case of fire accident. The following are some reasons why fire safety system inspection training is important:

  1. Adherence to a regular fire protection system inspection schedule: Regular inspection schedules ensure that fire protection systems are in good working condition and can detect as well as respond to fires effectively.

  2. Properly trained personnel for fire protection system inspection: All personnel involved in maintenance should be properly trained to correctly execute the procedures for inspection, testing, and maintenance of equipment.

  3. Identification of fire hazards: Fire protection system inspections training can help workers identify potential fire hazards within a building, such as faulty electrical wiring, flammable materials, or unattended appliances.

  4. Familiarity with fire alarm systems: Fire protection system training raises awareness about fire safety and the potential hazards that can lead to fires.

Fire Protection System Inspection

Our services?

Fire Protection System Inspection is important to create awareness among workers on the proper way of ensuring the fire protection system is always in good condition. Therefore, we provide the best services to Fire Protection System Inspection Training for the organization and employees. The training will help participants prevent any potential risks and harm at their workplace caused by the unwanted fire accident. Participants will learn how to work efficiently during checking and doing maintenance on the fire protection system.

Need to conduct Fire Protection System Training at your workplace?

Our professional trainer will provide the best services in conducting the training for you. Contact us at 013-241 9000 or email [email protected] now. We will always be committed to help you.


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