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What is Safe Chemical Handling?

Safe chemical handling refers to the proper practices and procedures involved in the safe management, storage, transportation, and use of chemicals at the workplace which is important for the organization to take serious action.

Workers attending safe chemical handling training
Training for Safe Chemical Handling

Benefits of Practicing Safe Chemical Handling

Safe chemical handling is important to ensure a safe working environment. The benefits of working with chemicals safely include:

  • Reduced injuries and illnesses: When a company has a high-quality procedure of chemical handling and has been practising the procedure, employees are less likely to be injured or harmed by chemical exposures.

  • Save cost and improve productivity: By preventing accidents and illnesses, it can improve the productivity of the workers as well as reduce costs on medical expenses, lost workdays, and workers' compensation claims as well as.

  • Minimized risk of property damage: Proper chemical handling can reduce the risk of property damage caused by chemical spills or fires.

  • Reduced environmental impact: Proper chemical handling can reduce the environmental impact of hazardous chemicals, including air and water pollution.

Best Practice of Safe Chemical Handling

As working with hazardous chemicals is considered a high-risk task, workers need to know the essential aspects of safe handling practices which include;

  1. Following the safe chemical handling standard operating procedures

  2. Reading and re-reading each chemical SDS,

  3. Wearing Personal Protective Equipment,

  4. Disposing of hazardous chemicals appropriately

  5. Storing of hazardous chemicals appropriately (on secure shelving and in covered areas at or below eye level without overcrowding),

  6. Being prepared for emergencies (spill kits, bunds, spill pallets and first aid)

  7. Not working with or handling chemicals while alone

  8. Conduct routine inspections and maintenance

  9. Conduct training on safe chemical handling

By following these best practices, we can reduce the incidence of chemical spills in the workplace and ensure that any potentially dangerous chemicals are handled safely in a way that protects employees and the surrounding environment.

Safe Chemical Handling Training is important to provide better knowledge, awareness and best practices for chemical handling and the risk during working.

Workers practicing safe chemical handling during working
Example of proper PPE used while handling hazardous chemicals

What do we provide?

We offered our services to any organization to perform in-house Safe Chemical Handling Training. During the training, our trainer will assist participants to understand the hazards of handling chemicals with suitable control measures and protection during the handling of chemicals.

We will provide the best services in conducting the Safe Chemical Handling Training for you. Contact us at 013- 2419000 or email [email protected] now. We will always be dedicated to help you.


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