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One of my colleagues once told me how much he enjoyed the safety committee meetings. That surprised me, cause I typically hear the opposite. His reason? “I get a chance to take a nice after-lunch nap!” His answer made me laugh, but sadly boring safety committee meetings are simply put and not interesting.

Some organizations will simply place all of the responsibility for the safety committee on one individual. Even if there are lots of members in the safety committee, most of them are lack of engagement. It might be time to take a closer look on how the safety committee meetings is conducted. If you insist on presenting them with every tedious and boring data, figure, graph and performance chart all at once, it will be more difficult for employees to engage and stay sharp. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if it is not fun or engaging for attendees, they will not participate.

If you are having this kind of issues, Effective Safety and Health Committee Training is the best choice for you to learn on how to operate the safety committee productively. Effective inspection techniques, roles of safety committee in accident investigation and reporting and many mores will be taught to you. The most interesting aspect is the Safety Committee Drill will be covered in the training too! What are you waiting for? We are at the tip of your finger and be delighted to entertain you.


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