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What is Working At Height (WAH)?

A working at height (WAH) is when any person who conducts work tasks somewhere in which they may have a possibility to fall and cause bodily damage without any safety protection. A training program for Working At Height (WAH) can be conducted for the workers to understand more about the risk when carrying out tasks at heights and how to control them.

Working at Height (WAH) Training Program at the Workplace
Working At Height Training

Examples of working at height?

· Working on a platform (scaffold, tower, roof etc)

· Working that needs to use rope (painting, exterior building cleaning etc)

· Working that requires climbing more than four feet

· Working on a non-permanent ladder

· Working at ground level next to an excavation

· Working close to or near to fragile materials

PPE used for working at height during training program
Training for Working At Height

Did you know?

Falling while working at height recorded high accident cases in Malaysia from 2013 to 2018 which is around 43.4%. Falls from ladders, scaffolds or through fragile roofs are one of the risks of working at height. Working at height is not only working at places that are above the ground such as four feet or higher but also below the ground level when the risk of falling is present. This does not include working using a permanent stair in any building.

Therefore, training for workers that work at heights can help workers to reduce the risk of falling from heights while working due to a lack of knowledge on how to work safely.

Importance of Working at Height (WAH) Training?

· Protect employees from falls from heights

· Prevent workplace fatalities and major injuries.

· Employees able to work at height safely

· Employees have an understanding of the hazards of working at a height

· Understand controls that must be in place

· Employees have knowledge on how to use the equipment correctly whilst working at height.

There are various levels and types of working at height training available. Our trainers can help in giving very useful Working At Heights (WAH) Training for your workers. Contact us at 016-228 5421 or email [email protected] if you are interested in our training program. We will always be dedicated to help you.


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