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Safe Handling Forklift Training (Forklift Safety Training)

Safe Handling Forklift (Forklift Safety Training)

A forklift is a type of “powered industrial truck” covered by legal and standards. Like other powered industrial trucks, forklift purpose is to move, carry, push, pull, and lift a material load then stack it or place it in a storage rack (tier). Forklifts come in many sizes and capacities. They can be powered by batteries, petrol and diesel.

Safe Handling Forklift Training (Forklift Safety Training)

Forklift Safety Training Requirements

Employers must develop and implement a forklift safety training program (Safe Handling Forklift Training) based on the general principles of safe forklift operation, the types of forklift being used, the hazards create from forklift operation and the general safety requirements of the Malaysia Standard to ensure that forklift operators are properly trained.

Safe Handling Forklift Training program (Forklift Safety training) to ensure that a forklift operator is competent to operate the forklift. An untrained operator of a forklift can be as dangerous as an unlicensed operator of a motor vehicle. The employer must document forklift safety training and an evaluation of the forklift operator performance while using the forklift.

Masma Safety would like to invite employers to send their workers to attend our Safe Handling Forklift Training (Forklift Safety Training) to ensure all their forklift driver are trained. Call us at 013-2419000 for more details

In-house Package - Forklift Safety Training at Client Premises..

Safe Forklift Handling Training (Forklift Safety Training) Outline

Title : Safe Handling Forklift Program (Competency)

Code : SHFP 2022

Duration : 2 Days

Course Introduction

This forklift safety training was designed to prevent injury and minimize property damage through accidents involving the operations of Forklift Trucks. It provides Forklift Truck operator with knowledge on handling, daily inspection, proper maintenance and safety in the operation of the truck.

Course Objective

Upon completion this forklift safety training, participants will be able to:

  1. Have a knowledge in safety of handling forklift Truck

  2. Understand the forklift truck and its safety operation

  3. Identify the causes and effects of accidents involving forklift

  4. Conduct daily safety, performance and maintenance inspections on the forklift trucks

  5. Practice as smart forklift driver


  1. Introduction to Safe Handling Forklift

  2. Forklift Safety Operation - Hazard and Risk

  3. Legal requirement related to Forklift Safety Operation

  4. Forklift Operator’s Daily Maintenance and Component Checklist

  5. Forklift Stability and handling

  6. Safe Operating Procedure - Safe Handling Forklift

  7. Practical & Assessment Session

Target Group

  • Forklift driver

  • Forklift Supervisor


  • Lecture, group discussion, study case and practical.

Program requirements

  • Classroom and teaching aid (Computer and whiteboard)

  • Practical site Open space of 50ft x 50ft

  • Practical kits (20 drums, 4 pallets and forklift truck).

Safe Handling Forklift (Forklift Safety Training) Competency Card

  • Will be given to participants that pass the exam only. (Validity – 3 Years)


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