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What is noise risk assessment?

A noise risk assessment (NRA) is an assessment used to identify any excessive level of noise in the workplace which may affect the workers.

Area monitoring in noise risk assessment (NRA) was conducted by using Sound Level Meter (SLM) to measure the noise levels at the area around noise sources.
Area monitoring for noise risk assessment (NRA)

Objective of noise risk assessment?

The objective of noise risk assessment includes:

1. To identify employees who may be exposed to excessive noise and the area exposed at the workplace

2. To obtain information on noise sources and related work practices before implementing new measures to reduce noise.

3. To evaluate the effectiveness of existing measures taken to reduce noise exposure

4. To help in the selection of appropriate personal hearing protectors (PHP) for the workers

5. To set up hearing protection zones based on findings from noise risk assessment

6. To determine the need for establishing and implementing Hearing Conservation Program (HCP).

7. To recommend appropriate control measures in reducing exposure to a high level of noise.

What are the benefits of Noise Risk Assessment (NRA)?

Conducting Noise Risk Assessment (NRA) can give benefits to both employers and employees including:

1. Prevent any hearing problems such as noise-induced hearing loss among employees

2. Increase performance and productivity of employees

3. Provide appropriate control measures for the workplace

4. Reduced any excessive noise exposure at the workplace

5. Prevent any injuries or accidents due to the high level of noise

Our service provided?

To assist employers to ensure a healthier working environment, our Noise Risk Assessor (NRA) are ready to consult and serve noise risk assessment services which include:

• Area monitoring in noise risk assessment

• Personal monitoring in noise risk assessment

Briefing will be given to the company before NRA was conducted.
Briefing before conducting noise risk assessment (NRA)

We will also provide you with a thorough report of the noise risk assessment including suggestions for improvement that can be taken as steps to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for your employees.

We will provide the best services in conducting Noise Risk Assessment (NRA) for you. Contact us at 016-2285421 or email [email protected] now. We will always be dedicated to help you.


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