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HIRARC Training

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control or HIRARC training can help workers to identify any potential hazards that can cause risk to their safety and health at the workplace. This includes conducting hazard identification, determining risk rating based on severity and the likelihood of hazard as well as recommending appropriate risk controls.

Participant presenting their HIRARC form that was completed during the training.
HIRARC Training at the Workplace

What is the importance of HIRARC training?

Training for HIRARC is important to provide skills and knowledge for the employees to perform their work with safe behaviour and without risks to health. HIRARC training can enable the employees to;

  1. follow health and safety procedures

  2. use risk controls set in place for their protection

  3. identifies the present of any hazards at the workplace

  4. determines the risks associated with the hazards

  5. learns the reasons why risk controls are used

All workers who may be required to conduct risk assessments pursuant to management's consent must attend training in hazard identification, risk assessment, and control techniques. This is to ensure they must be knowledgeable and familiar with

  1. the regulations related to the hazard

  2. the risk assessment procedure

  3. the work hazards in real life

  4. how to communicate to the Health and Safety Representative

Discussion during HIRARC Training
HIRARC Training at the Workplace

Our services for HIRARC training

It is important to identify any sources of hazards that may be exposed to workers in order to prevent the risk of an accident occurring. Therefore, HIRARC Training is important to be conducted to ensure the workers are well aware of their surroundings and can manage the risks due to the hazards in their work area. Thus, in order to achieve this, we are always ready to provide our best services related to HIRARC Training for you. Contact us at 013 - 241 9000 or email [email protected] now for further clarification.Workplace


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