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Workers presenting HIRARC in a HIRARC Training.
HIRARC Training at the Workplace

What is HIRARC Training?

HIRARC Training is a training conducted to give better knowledge to workers on how to apply Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) which is a tool used to identify, evaluate, and manage risks in any workplace and its operations. Implementing the control measure based on the HIRARC can help eliminate, reduce or control the possibility of any accidents from happening.

The objective of HIRARC Training?

The objective of HIRARC training includes:

  1. To identify all the factors and hazards that may cause harm to employees and others.

  2. To determine the risks in the workplace by considering the likelihood and severity of the hazard.

  3. To train workers and employers to plan, implement and monitor the control measures to ensure that the risks are adequately controlled at all times.

Process of HIRARC?

Based on the Guidelines for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) 2008 by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, the process of HIRARC requires 4 simple steps which are:

  1. Classifies work activities;

  2. Identifies hazards;

  3. Conduct a risk assessment for each hazard by determining:

    • likelihood of occurrence,

    • severity of hazard;

4. Decide if the risk is tolerable and apply control measures (if necessary).

Benefits of Conducting HIRARC Training?

Conducting HIRARC training can give benefits to both employers and employees including:

  1. Raise awareness about risk management among employees.

  2. Reduce workplace accidents and injuries due to hazards at the workplace.

  3. Reduce compensation costs and medical expenses due to sickness, injuries, or accidents at the workplace.

  4. Increase productivity and efficiency of employees in performing tasks.

  5. Increase the standard of health and safety measures at the workplace.

Discussion conducted to form HIRARC document
HIRARC Training at the Workplace

Our HIRARC training?

We offered our services to any organization in order to perform in-house HIRARC training. During the HIRARC training, our trainer will assist participants in determining whether any specific circumstance, thing, situation, or individual at their place of work may have the potential to harm them and other people. Participants are also going to assess risks and the risk factors that may result in hazards at work.

We will always be dedicated to provide the best services in conducting HIRARC Training for you. Contact us at 013-2419000 or email [email protected] now.


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