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Forklift Safety Training - Masma Safety

A forklift is a powerful tool that allows one person to precisely lift and place large heavy loads with little effort. Using a tool such as a forklift, cart or hand truck instead of lifting and carrying items by hand can reduce the risk that you will suffer a back injury.

However, there is great risk of injury or death in forklift safety

  • not been trained in the principles of physics that allows a forklift to lift heavy loads,

  • is not familiar with how a particular forklift operates,

  • operates the forklift carelessly

  • uses a forklift that is not safe due to malfunctioning, or missing parts.

The top 3 types of incidents as a percent of the total forklift safety related deaths are

  • The forklift overturns (Most common issue in Malaysia)

  • A worker struck by the forklift

  • A person is crushed by a forklift

Forklift Operators must be trained in Forklift Safety Program

Our legislation require that the employer ensure that a forklift operator is competent to operate the forklift he or she is assigned to use. The employer must document operator training and an evaluation of the operator’s performance while using the forklift.

Forklift Safety Training has three parts:

  1. formal instruction such as a lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, videotape and or written material

  2. practical training which includes hands-on demonstrations by the trainer and exercises by the trainee

  3. an evaluation of the effectiveness of the training by observing the operator’s performance while doing actual work using the forklift. This evaluation must be repeated at least once every three years

The topics listed must be covered when forklift safety training program

  1. Introduction to forklift safety

  2. Forklift Operation Hazard and Risk

  3. Legal Requirement Related to Forklift safety Operation

  4. Forklift Truck Component and Stability

  5. Safe Operating Procedure - Forklift Safety Handling

  6. Operator’s Daily Maintenance and Component Checklist

  7. Practical & Assessment Session

Forklift Safety Training at Client Premises

Need Forklift Safety Training for your organization? Call us at 013-2419000 or email to [email protected] for more details


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