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Ergonomic training and Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA)

Ergonomic training is important for employees to learn about ergonomic risk factors and MSD (musculoskeletal disorder) preventive action as well as learning proper working posture and lifting techniques that can be used in their daily working tasks.

Ergonomic risk assessment (ERA) may identify health issues affecting your employees by objectively measuring ergonomic risk factors in your workplace; thus, suggesting actions you can take to improve their safety and well-being.

Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) and Ergonomic Training at the workplace
Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) at the workplace

Did you know?

Many cases of occupational diseases caused by ergonomic risk factors which have been reported to DOSH have affected workers’ productivity, profitability and cost compensation. This is due to the ergonomic risk factors that can cause pain and injury from musculoskeletal disorders resulting in costly medical and compensation claims, many days of medical leave, and a slower work pace. Therefore, Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) is important to help employers to resolve these issues.

Importance of ergonomics training and assessment at your workplace?

· Reduce ergonomics-related injuries and MSDs

· Reduce compensation costs, medical expenses and employee absenteeism

· Enhance workers to work more efficiently

· Reduce fatigue among workers and able to perform work well

· Create a better safety culture

· Better performance and job satisfaction in the workplace

A productive worker is important for your company's success. Need to conduct Ergonomic Risk Assessment or Ergonomic Training at your workplace?

Our Ergonomic Trained Persons (ETP) will provide best services in conducting Ergonomics Risk Assessment and Ergonomic Training for you. Contact us at 013-2419000 or email [email protected] now. We will always be dedicated to help you.

Ergonomic Training at the workplace
Ergonomic Training at the workplace


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