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Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) and Ergonomic Training

Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) and Ergonomic Training

Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) which can be conducted by an Ergonomic Trained Person (ETP) is important to identify most ergonomics risk factors that may cause harm to employees and determine the likelihood of harm from exposure to the ergonomic risk factors, as well as recommending appropriate control measures to reduce the risk.

Ergonomic Training can improve employees’ working conditions while also giving employers access to a highly skilled workforce and a competitive advantage.

Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) and Ergonomic Training are important in the workplace to ensure the workplace remains safe and ergonomic as the employees will benefit from job retention and long-term better health; thus, reducing absenteeism and increasing their productivity.

Ergonomic training at the workplace
Ergonomic Training at the Workplace

What do we provide?

To assist employers to ensure a healthier working environment, our Ergonomic Trained Persons (ETP) are ready to consult and serve various ergonomic risk assessment-related services for you based on the Guidelines on Ergonomic Risk Assessment at Workplace 2017 including:

· Conducting musculoskeletal discomfort screenings and assessment

· Conducting a walkthrough survey of the work environment in the selected work unit

· Initial ergonomic risk assessment (Initial ERA)

· Advanced ergonomic risk assessment (Advanced ERA)

· Workplace Ergonomics Training

We will also provide you with a thorough report of the ergonomic risk assessment, together with suggestions for improvement that can be taken as steps to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for your employees.

The objective of ergonomic training includes:

· To understand the importance of ergonomics and the effect of improper working conditions.

· To understand ergonomic risk factors and MSD (musculoskeletal disorder)

· To learn proper body mechanics and lifting techniques for working task

Do you need services related to ergonomic training and ergonomic risk assessment (ERA)? Contact us at 013-2419000 or email [email protected] now. We are always committed to assist you.

Ergonomic training at the workplace. Learning proper posture for working and exercise to avoid musculoskeletal disorder (MSD).
Ergonomic Training for Workers


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