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Basic Rigging and Slinging & Signalman Training (Crane Safety)

Basic Rigging and Slinging & Signalman Training (Crane Safety)

In order to ensure the safety of workers and the equipment involved, any operation involving the use of a crane to lift items must be planned thoroughly before being carried out. Rigger and signalman must be trained through the Program Basic Rigging and Slinging Training. They must possess the adequate theoretical knowledge, technical and practical training, plus the experience and knowledge in lifting operations as directed by the director general under Perintah Khas Ketua Pemeriksa Bil 2 Tahun 2020 under Pengurusan dan Pengendalian Selamat Kren Bergerak...

Basic Rigger is responsible to tie and release load from crane, and utilize lifting equipment and gear properly according to operation plan. Signalman is responsible to give clear signals as a mean of communicating with the crane operator after rigging is completed and the load is ready to be lifted.

Basic Rigger Roles and Responsibilities

  • Adequately trained in rigging and slinging training (crane safety), able to estimate load, and safe distance, and height of lifted load

  • Able to select suitable lifting equipments and gears that is safe for the lifting operation

  • Able to perform visual inspection on the lifting equipments and gears before use

  • Avoid using damaged lifting equipments and gears

  • Record defected lifting equipments and gears in suitable documents and report to lifting supervisor

  • Understand hand signal and verbal communication codes when communicating using hand signal or any suitable communication technique

  • Understand crane safety and emergency procedure and know how to react in the event of accidents during lifting operation

Signalman Roles and Responsibilities

  • Understand hand signal and verbal communication codes when communicating using hand signal or walkie-talkie respectively

  • Able to give instruction to the crane operator and coordinate movement of crane and load safely

  • Able to estimate safe distance between the lifted load and the surrounding objects during lifting operation

  • Understand emergency procedure and know how to react in the event of accidents during lifting operation

Basic Rigging and Slinging Training Outline

Title : Basic Rigging and Slinging Program

Code : BRS

Duration : 2 Days

Course Introduction

This is a basic rigging and slinging course designed to suit the requirements of learners who have limited or no knowledge of Rigging, Lifting and Slinging Techniques and giving them a common understanding of how all lifting gears works during handling load at workplace.

Course Objective

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand common hazards with respect to lifting activates.

  • Knowing basic safety procedures that can be practiced when assisting the operations of the lifting activities.


  1. Legal requirements with respect to crane safety

  2. Introduction of crane operation safety

  3. Basic equipment for lifting activities

  4. Communication for lifting activities

  5. Common rigging and slinging practices

  6. Practical and Assessment

Target Group

  • Lifting Personnel


  • Lecture, group discussion and practical

Program requirements

  • Classroom and teaching aid (Computer and whiteboard)

  • Mobile/ Crawler/ Overhead Crane

  • Lifting Gears (Mandatory Slings and Shackles)

Basic Rigging and Slinging Training by Masma Safety.

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