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First Aid education is invaluable it enables you to assist persons who become injured OR facing any emergency situation until help arrives. There are several importance of basic aid education such as:

  • Boost up your confidence level

First aid training will make you feel more confident and comfortable to remain calm in emergency situations. Giving the right first aid immediately can help to reduce a person’s recovery time and make the difference between the patients h­­aving a temporary or long term disability. By taking first aid training, it helps you to reflect on yourself and how you to cope with many situations.

  • Increase the patient comfort

Not all injuries or illnesses need to go to the hospital but it does not mean the patient is not suffering or feel pain. Utilizing the first aid knowledge such as applying an ice pack correctly or using suitable bandaging, you will help to relieve their discomfort. You will also provide emotional support by remaining calm and make them feel more secure and reduce their anxiety levels.

  • Avoid the situation from becoming worse

In some situations, a patient does not receive basic first aid care immediately will feel more anxious and worried. You can stabilize a patient until emergency medical services arrives when you have the basic first aid skill. If there is no first aid kit available, you will learn how to use basic household items as tools to assist the patient in recovery. Hence, you able to control the situation before it become worse.

  • Be a valuable link in the chain of survival

You will also be trained in how to collect information and data about what happened and the patients’ condition. This information will be passed on to the emergency services, which help them to give the best treatment to the patient. Having a basic first aid knowledge can enhance your abilities in relation to first aid administration and help medical staff to back up any emergencies situations.

  • Encourages healthy and safe living

First aid education will teach you to look after yourself and ensure your own safety as a priority. Keeping yourself safe means you are in a position to help others rather than needing help yourself. You will also study about the importance of healthy living and how apply lifestyle habits. Moreover, you will stay alert to potential hazards posed by your surroundings.

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