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Top 10 Forklifts Misstep & How to Avoid Them

1. Slipping on entry or exit from the forklift

Slips and trips are the most common cause of workplace injury, so there will need to take extra care in the elevated environment of forklift controls. Wear designated work clothes and protective devices before using the machinery.

2. Operating a truck that hasn’t been inspected

Forklifts can be dangerous if not subjected to strict inspections, and every driver have responsibility to ensure the machinery is up to snuff. Let the employer know if the forklift is overdue an inspection.

3. Not knowing forklift's load capacity

Carrying a load that is too heavy can make the forklift become unstable. Be aware of forklift’s capacity before begin to operate it by looking at the data plate found on the truck. The data plate contains all of the relevant information and should not be tampered with in any way.

4. Not being aware of the hazards

Don’t drive over objects such as a piece of wood as this could cause load shift or loss of control. Therefore, be familiar with any obstacles that may cause problems on the route. Look for any narrow passages or areas where there may be movement that could be difficult to drive.

5. Unaware with the height

Sometimes driver did not aware with the surroundings of the buildings especially at the height of the surroundings. Therefore, a clear view at the surroundings and ensure the clearance height is sufficient when entering or exiting buildings.

6. Speeding with the forklift

Moving at a speed that is improper for the forklift or environment is a common cause of accidents in the workplace. Pay attention to any speed limits or speed bumps, and observe the rules for safe operation.

7. Operating with an unsecured load

Depending on the items, there might have more difficulty than usual when securing the load that not unsymmetrical shape. Safely and properly stack the load on the pallets and skids. Use prevention measures such as ropes or binders, if needed.

8. No communication with workers

Warehouses can be very busy environments and many people surround the warehouses. It is important to maintain a high level of communication. Be sure to make eye contact with any pedestrian who must walk past, in front of or behind the lift truck being operated.

9. Parking incorrectly

Park the forklift in authorized areas only, where other employees will expect to find stationary forklifts. Remember to lower the fork to the floor, set the direction controls to neutral, lower the parking brake and turn the ignition off.

10. Misuse of vehicles

Forklift can be dangerous vehicles if not operated with care and responsibility. Resist any temptation to use forklift trucks for anything other than their specified purpose, no matter what the situation dictates. Do not take any riders as forklifts designated for one person only.

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