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5 Importance of Safety and Health in a Workplace

In the workplace, safety and health regulations are essential to the well-being of the employees and the employer. Employers must understand that a safe workplace with healthy environment is the key point to develop a positive business culture among employees. It is the employers’ responsibility to ensure their employees are safe from current hazards that could occurred in their work environment. Here is some importance of Safety and Health in the Workplace such as:

  • Prevent Illness and Injury

Safety and Health procedures in the workplace can reduce the employee illnesses and injuries which leads to minimizing potential death to be happened. These procedures can help the employer and employees to understand the potential hazards in their work environment. Most of safety issues aroused due to their lack of knowledge and skills regarding to Safety and Health procedures.

  • Increase Productivity

Unsafe working environments and injuries are bad for employee morale. Employers who focus on maintaining a safe and healthy work environment besides conducting safety and health training to employees can build a stronger relationship with employees. Hence, employees will feel their existence as a part of a team working together. Employees will show their loyalty and increases their work productivity.

  • Increase Public Perception

Not having safety and health procedures in a workplace can have negative impacts to the business activities. A company that does not meet safety and health standards, it will face of losing their business, money, respect and clients. Customers will not put their trust to the unsafe company work style. Employers must understand that safety goes well beyond their employees. A positive team morale increases positive customer interactions, which leads to customer retention and loyalty.

  • Avoid from Huge Loss in Business

Employers must continue to pay employees who miss work because they are unavailable as a result of a workplace injury or illness. If the absence is long-term, the company might need to hire another person to replace the injured employee temporarily to ensure their business run as usual. If there is a serious injury, it might result in the shutdown of the entire operation until an investigation is conducted. Therefore, a safety and health training must be carried out in order to gain knowledge and enhance skills about specific safety and health standards and guidelines.

  • Minimize Legal Liabilities

The Government oversees the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 that stated people have a right to feel and be safe at work. It sets forth minimum standards for various industries and work environments. Therefore, safety and health training must be carried out in every company to create the awareness about the importance of safety and health in a workplace. Employers who disobey or violate against the laws may face the penalties that will affect their reputations.


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