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Safe Chemical Handling Training

Safe Chemical Handling Training for person who exposed Hazardous Chemical at Workplace

Under Occupational Safety and Health (Use and Standard of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health) Regulations 2000 which stipulates the duty of employer to take action to control chemicals hazardous to health, through progressive application of control measures in the order of elimination, substitution, isolation, process modification, engineering control, safe work procedure and personal protective equipment which can reduce the exposure level of employees to the lowest practicable level.

Employers are advised to follow closely in taking action to control employee's exposure to chemicals hazardous to health. The primary tools needed to achieve the goal of reducing occupational injuries and illnesses and promoting occupational safety and health is engineering, enforcement and education especially on Safe Chemical Handling Training. The overall rationale for safe chemical handling training and education is to improve awareness of safety and health hazards, to expand the knowledge of the causes of occupational illness and injury and to promote the implementation of effective preventive measures.

Legal requirement regarding Safe Chemical Handling Training for workers.

Regulation 22 stipulates that an employer who undertakes work which may expose or is likely to expose his employees to chemicals hazardous to health shall provide the employees with such information, instruction and training. The suggested training are Safe Chemical Handling Training. This training as may be necessary to enable the employee to know:

  • The risk to health created by such exposure

  • The precautions which should be taken.

Safe Chemical Handling Training must be given to the employees and the syllabus safe chemical handling training must include:

  1. The nature and degree of the risks to health arising as a consequence of exposure, including any factors that may influence that risk, such as the substance involved and factors that may increase the risk

  2. The control measures adopted, the reasons for these, and how to use them properly;

  3. The reasons for personal protective equipment and clothing, and the job where there is necessary

  4. Monitoring procedures; including arrangement for access to results and notification if a maximum exposure limit is exceeded and right to get health surveillance

Safe Chemical Handling Training

Safe Chemical Handling Training Outline

Course Introduction

This training is designed for those who have the potential to be exposed to chemicals in the workplace. Participants will understand the physical and health hazards of chemicals used in the workplace with suitable control measure and protection using safe work practices, emergency procedures and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Course Objective

After completing this course, participants will be able to :

  1. Understand the requirements related to safe chemical handling to prevent workplace accidents.

  2. Know chemical hazards and their associated risks.

  3. Practice safe work practices and emergency procedures when handling chemicals.


  • Legislation related to Chemical Management

  • Chemical Hazard Management

  • Health Effect and Toxicology of Chemical

  • Chemical Information (SDS, Labeling and Warning sign)

  • Control measure of chemical (hierarchy of control)

  • Emergency Response - Chemical Spill

  • Safe work practices of chemical Handling

Target Group

  • Supervisor, Foreman

  • Employees who are involved in the handling of hazardous substances


Lecture, group discussion, study case and practical.

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