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Hearing Loss Prevention Program

Course Introduction

Hearing conservation programs strive to prevent initial occupational hearing loss, preserve and protect remaining hearing, and equip workers with the knowledge and hearing protection devices necessary to safeguard themselves.

Course Objective

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to :

  • Participants learn the importance of doing Hearing Conservation Program.

  • Participants learn how to conserve their hearing.

  • Interpret the element of hearing conservation programe as stipulated under the Factories and Machinery (Noise Exposure) Regulations 1989.


  • Noise Exposure Regulations 1989

  • Management of Hearing Protection and Loss Prevention Programe.

  • Concept of sound and noise

  • Noise Monitoring interpretation and analysis.

Target Group

Safety and Health Committee Members

Supervisor and work leader

Employee that exposed to noise working environment


Lecture, group discussion.


HRDF fund : 100% HRDF Claimable

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