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Forklift Training

Course Introduction

Its aim is to identify, influence, and change the unsafe behaviors that exist in the workplace, or reinforces the safe behaviors already established. Common Forklift Operations Training only conveys Safety Compliance Rules and Dos & Don’ts. This training goes beyond common Forklift Safety Training as it integrates the latest behavioral research findings with a person-focused approach.

Course Objective

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

+ Understand on the principles of safe forklift operation, the types and its operation


+ To emphasize on safety awareness towards workplace hazards which arise from the use

of forklift

+ To train and reveal the important issues that involves truck driving such as machines

and technical knowledge, handling skills and the correct operational attitudes.


+ Overview of Laws & Regulations

+ Basic Knowledge of Forklift features and functions

+ Operator’s Daily Maintenance and Component Checklist

+ Application and Selection of Forklift & Attachment

+ Common Abuse of Forklift

+ Safe Load Handling

+ Ramps and Loading Bay

+ Case Studies of Forklift Related Accidents

+ Pre-Operation Maintenance Check of the Forklift

Target Group

+ Forklift Operators, Supervisor, Fleet Manager, Logistics / Warehouse Manager and Safety Officer.



+ Lecture, group discussion, study case and practical.


Entry Requirement

+ At least 6 months experience as forklift truck drivers/supervisors.

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