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Crane & Rigging Inspector Course

Recently, we heard a lot of cases related to crane especially in construction site. MASMA Safety also has taken an opportunities to give what we have to reduce the number of accidents at workplace especially the workplace that still undergone construction.


Do you want to know what they learn?

Sounds interesting right?

Let me share some pictures to give you clue....

Those are all theory class.

Looks boring isn't it?

Well let see what they do for the practical session.

They also bring something home, instead of just the knowledge.

Want to see what MASMA give to them?

They got FREE Safety Helmet..

Labelled with "Crane Inspector"!

What else?

They got exclusive certificates!


Identity Card as "Trained Crane Inspector"!

If you would like to join us in other courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

And please stay update to our facebook page at because any upcoming training will be posted there.

Yess..including this crane and rigging inspector course.

Thank you for your time reading.

Stay safe with MASMA Safety.

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