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Effective Safety and Health Committee Training

Hi everyone,

Do you still remember the safety, health and environmental training we offer in MASMA Safety?

"Not really..."

Never mind! I will list them down back to you.

Our safety, health and environmental training in MASMA Safety are:

  • HIRARC training

  • Effective Safety & Health Committee training

  • Occupational Safety & Health Management System (OSHMS) training

  • Forklift training

  • Chemical Handling training

  • Noise monitoring

  • Emergency response training

  • Environmental Management System training

So today, I would like to tell more about one of our favorite training which is Effective Safety & Health Committee training.

Since our business began, we received many of the industries request for this safety committee training. Most of them are small medium industries. They still need our advice as their safety expert in order for them to be more legal compliant.

This is an important training for an industries to at least have a safety environment at their workplace. In this training, some of the topic covered are OSH Management System, basic HIRARC, and few legal requirements. The best part is you will have the chance to experience to sit in a mock Safety Committee Meeting. This is nothing but to let the employees understand more in their real situation. Your understanding about safety is always our top priorities.

This hands on activities will give extra value in our training. You may also tell us the real problem in your committee and we will try to help you solve the situations.

"Sounds interesting!"

Yeah. Of course. That's why we are running to the top of the list among safety training in Malaysia!

For more information, you will have few choices:

1. Visit our website at

2. Like our fb page at

3. Contact Mr Shukri at 013-2419000 or our office at 06-231 3440

Can't wait to meet you.

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