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Did you know where to get HIRARC guideline by DOSH?

It's an easy question right?

However, there must be some of newbies in this safety field that still do not know how to do HIRARC and where to get the guidance.

To get the HIRARC guidelines, you just have to log on to Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Official Website.

"Could you just give us the link please?"

Ok, no problem!

Here it is:

"What to do next?"

Hmm...Let's just write down all the steps.

1. Go to DOSH official website at

2. Go to Legislation drop down option.

3. Click on Guidelines.

4. Choose Hirarc from the list.

5. Download the Hirarc Guidelines by DOSH.

"Such a long way huh just to download that guideline by DOSH?"

Well you may also straight away click this link below to download HIRARC guidelines by DOSH.

"Thank God! Why don't you just give it from the beginning?"

Well sometimes, we need a hardwork to get what we want, right?

Yet. it's still a simple steps though.

Hope it helps your finger "slimmer" by exercise clicking here and there.

So, I hope we help you solve some of your problems today.

Thanks for spending your time reading this.

Don't forget to visit our website to see what we offer for your industry.

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